Friday, January 31, 2014

Something You Aren't: Writing Prompt

This is what's left of my Christmas poinsettia. It's almost February now, but it's still hanging around. Not due to my attentive care, that's for sure. Every once in a while, we wonder if it might need some water, and that's all the TLC this plant gets. But it seems to still hang around. Funny thing about the poinsettia: the flowers aren't flowers, they're actually leaves. But they look like flowers. I doubt that has anything to do with survival, but something seems to be keeping this thing going. Lord knows, it's not me.

For today's writing prompt, write about a character that has to do something they don't usually do, or be someone they usually aren't, in order to survive a situation. Maybe the flamboyant become quiet, or the computer programmer has to be a sales person.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Interior / Exterior Flat: Writing Prompt

So, I've been shopping for paint recently. I am painting over someone's vision of "neutral". Looking at the walls of the room, I was actually depressed by how little character they had. What I got to replace it was also a neutral color, but it's a gray that leans ever-so-slightly blue. It's modern, a little edgy, and works with most color schemes. After we painted over it, I stood in the same room in disbelief at how much more personality and charm the room had. (Not to compliment my paint-choosing abilities, but it did look nice, If I Do Say So Myself.)

Today's writing prompt is about change. Especially if you're finding your character too boilerplate or stereotypical, change an exterior thing that will reflect something deeper in their personality. Change their clothes. Give them an earring in a non-ear location. Maybe a tattoo. A crew cut. A scar.

If you're developing a character, write a back story of how or why they acquired this new physical attribute.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Big Slide: Writing Prompt

This is a slide at a local park. Everyone knows about The Big Slide. Not only is this thing big, but it's fast. And not only is it fast...some people slide down it on wax paper, making it even faster. At the bottom, kids riding on wax paper have been known to shoot off the end of the slide, landing in a ton of mulch.

For today's writing prompt, your character takes something dangerous, scary, weird...and makes it MORE dangerous, scary or weird. On purpose. Just for the thrill of it.

Make sure you give your character a really great motivation. 

Now THIS is a slide

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Box Not Box: Writing Prompt

This box was a box. Until it was a portal into a civilization 300 miles underground, which it was until it was a secret bed. And then it became a wheel-free race car.

Things are better when they turn into other things. 

Today, your character has to use a common, everyday thing and make it extraordinary. That mug? Now it's a pool for a new race of very, very small creatures, just discovered on his keyboard. That pillow? She's pulled out the stuffing so she can re-create a snowy day in her living room.

Have fun!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Writing Prompt: Cold

This blog may be the only thing that comes back to life in the winter! I am posting again, and with no explanation of my disappearance or reappearance, I have a writing prompt for you!

In the spirit of winter, our prompt today is "cold".

"Cold" can have so many meanings. Aside from the obvious, as we see below, a person can also be described as "icy" or "frigid", giving "frosty glares" or the "cold shoulder".

Sure, it's cold when it snows, but inside all these houses are toasty families gathered around fireplaces or wrapped in blankets.

For this writing prompt, we're going to bring a little heat into the winter. Just like all the little houses on your street are warm on the inside even though it's freezing outside, write a story where someone is behaving coldly toward a person, place or thing, but only because there's a white hot passion/anger/emotion beneath the coldness. Write about both the cold outer display and the hot inner emotion of your character.

Bonus points if you can use the weather to reflect or otherwise emphasize how your character feels.