Thursday, January 30, 2014

Interior / Exterior Flat: Writing Prompt

So, I've been shopping for paint recently. I am painting over someone's vision of "neutral". Looking at the walls of the room, I was actually depressed by how little character they had. What I got to replace it was also a neutral color, but it's a gray that leans ever-so-slightly blue. It's modern, a little edgy, and works with most color schemes. After we painted over it, I stood in the same room in disbelief at how much more personality and charm the room had. (Not to compliment my paint-choosing abilities, but it did look nice, If I Do Say So Myself.)

Today's writing prompt is about change. Especially if you're finding your character too boilerplate or stereotypical, change an exterior thing that will reflect something deeper in their personality. Change their clothes. Give them an earring in a non-ear location. Maybe a tattoo. A crew cut. A scar.

If you're developing a character, write a back story of how or why they acquired this new physical attribute.

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