Friday, January 31, 2014

Something You Aren't: Writing Prompt

This is what's left of my Christmas poinsettia. It's almost February now, but it's still hanging around. Not due to my attentive care, that's for sure. Every once in a while, we wonder if it might need some water, and that's all the TLC this plant gets. But it seems to still hang around. Funny thing about the poinsettia: the flowers aren't flowers, they're actually leaves. But they look like flowers. I doubt that has anything to do with survival, but something seems to be keeping this thing going. Lord knows, it's not me.

For today's writing prompt, write about a character that has to do something they don't usually do, or be someone they usually aren't, in order to survive a situation. Maybe the flamboyant become quiet, or the computer programmer has to be a sales person.

Editor's note: I wrote my own piece on this, which you can see here.

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